The Rooming House Diaries – Life, Love & Secrets was published in August, 2019


Face Your Fears, a novel dealing with disability, LGBTQ & Family was published in July 2018


Swimming – The Sun: Readers Write Section – June 2016

The Oak Tree – Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal – October 2015 (Click HERE to read)

August 22nd – Sibling Rivalry Press: Johnathan Issue 10 – December 2015




2019 Pencraft Runner Up Award for Literary Excellence


2019 Chicago Writers Association 1st Place Award for First Chapter of a novel in progress


2019 One of the Honorary Guest Authors at the Carl Sandburg Literary Awards sponsored by the Chicago Public Library Foundation


2019 Chill With A Book Premier Readers Award


Wisconsin Writers Association – 2017 Jade Ring Contest – Honorable Mention in Humor and Nonfiction


Wisconsin Writers Association – 2015 Jade Ring Contest – 1st Place for Nonfiction – The Oak Tree (click HERE to read)

Wisconsin Writers Association – 2015 Jade Ring Contest – Honorable Mention for Poetry

OWLS – Ogle-Winnebago Literary Society – 2016 Contest – 2nd Place for Fiction

Waukesha Writer’s Workshop – 2015 Bo Carter Memorial Contest – 2nd Place for Short Story



Wisconsin Regional Arts Program – 2016 Statewide Competition – Waukesha Creative Arts League Award

Wisconsin Regional Arts Program – 2015 Statewide Competition – Two Photograph Acceptances

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