Post 93: Review of If I Remember Him by Louis Flint Ceci

Like an intricately woven braid, author Louis Flint Ceci expertly threads the inhabitant’s lives of a small Oklahoma town through their racial prejudice, religion, natural disaster, greed, homophobia, self-discovery, and love. Andy, a young church music director discovers himself when he accepts his first job after attending a religious college. But how will this discovery play out in reality? His life quickly intertwines with an artist of India-Indian descent, the preacher and his daughter, several Native Americans, African Americans, nosy church members and town folk, plus a greedy manipulating businessman. The backstories laced throughout the book provide the gritty and inspiring historical details that affect the residents and help explain their actions and beliefs. Though set in the 1950’s, this is a book that speaks to today. I highly recommend it. 5 Stars!