Post 97: Excerpt from my new novel–Revenge is Necessary

Revenge is Necessary will publish December 6, 2020 and be available in paperback and as eBook on all major online outlets. You can pre-order signed copies directly through Bill Mathis for $18.00 shipped. Use PayPal:



“Shaw,” Cochran moved closer, bent over and whispered, “today, it was Connie. What about Alice?”

Cochran saw his eyes flicker. Was it fear? Surprise? Irritation at being interrupted? He couldn’t tell.

Shaw waved for him to leave. He looked like he might explode any second.

Cochran surprised himself. Why did Alice pop into this? Had he thought about it? Was it the mention by Judy that she died? It did seem like a strange coincidence. Walking down the hall, something else struck his mind. It seemed odd that Connie and Junior didn’t mention Shaw was not Junior’s father, yet Shaw stated it right away. Why didn’t they tell him? Were they still absorbing that fact? Wouldn’t Connie have known or suspected? He climbed in his car and drove back to his office trying to decide where to start digging first.

“Bossman, I did a little more digging.” Irene turned toward him. “That situation with Alice always struck me as strange. I know, I know. We don’t get many suicides. That’s exactly why it struck me back then, even if I was a whole lot younger. I vaguely remembered a couple of strange calls coming in around that time. I dug around and pulled those files too. Ain’t much to go on and it might confuse someone—not saying who—more than it helps. Take a look-see at them.” She handed him two pieces of paper.

“Aren’t you getting old enough to retire?”

“Yup, more than old enough, but I’m not leaving till after I get you trained. Now don’t think too hard. I don’t wanna smell rubber burning.” Irene overemphasized closing the door quietly.

Irene was five years older than him and acted like she was his old spinster sister who was also married to the department.

Another thing struck him. The uncle and aunt dying suddenly so close to each other was interesting, especially at age sixty-four. Usually one spouse lasted a lot longer than the other. It was evident Shaw inherited the farm from his uncle and aunt, but where was he for several years after high school? He also realized there was no mention of Shaw’s parents. He put his feet down and turned back to the computer. Only Shaw’s Midville high school graduation was found. No articles of sports or achievements other than being valedictorian. He expanded his obituary search and found one for Philip Shaw Skogman, dated 1950. Shaw Philip was listed as the only child, and Dorothy, Dot, Gustafson, his wife.


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