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The Rooming House Gallery: Connecting the Dots

Bill is a terrific writer! I was glad to see a new Bill Mathis book and it doesn’t disappoint. I love how vivid and lively our author spins his yarns and draws you right in. You don’t want to miss this one! 5 stars on Amazon by Nottsdotti

Life challenges make for good reading. In a touching and joyful manner, two young men explore how to help their community and along the way learn more about themselves. As they maneuver through the complexity of daily life the couple also explores interpersonal issues and choices made by each other as well as their family members. Descriptive writing places the reader in the scene and allows us to capture the emotions of the various situations. Strong opinions and feelings evident throughout the story culminate in a satisfying resolution. I love good ending and you will too as you follow the sometimes difficult but interesting lives of the characters. 5 Stars on Amazon by Roberta Otoole

Very Fine Read. Everyone should read The Rooming House Gallery: Connecting the Dots, by Bill Mathis. Bill Mathis’ characters are real and fully believable. His tale will keep you turning the pages. There’s love and lots of humanity. You’ll find yourself becoming a part of the community surrounding the old Rooming House as it becomes an historic site and a haven for artists.
The tale highlights life, trials, joy, sadness’s, victories…and mostly love. Bill Mathis uses words to paint images that make you feel you’re there, in the moment; experiencing all the experiences!
The Rooming House Gallery: Connecting the Dots is a very fine read! I thoroughly enjoyed it and have no doubt you will too!! I highly recommend this book!!!

5 Stars on Amazon by Bob Wood