Welcome to my RiverPath Blog!

My original idea for this blog stemmed from the sense that I wanted to write something new each week. Something that sounded intelligent or meaningful or humorous, or occasionally, maybe even wise. For several reasons beyond not being overly wise, my fluctuating energy levels, traveling, and need to focus on my books has made the new-each-week idea not possible. However, I love sharing my stories and most are true, or as true as I can remember. Through April, 2019, I will be sharing installments of a story I wrote several years ago and never published. I call it ‘On The Road To Romania’ and it involves the adventures and misadventures of a trip I took to Romania in 1999. The excitement begins November 7, 2018 and continues almost weekly, every Wednesday, through April, 2019. Occasionally I will insert updates on my book signing or reviews of Face Your Fears. So, beginning November 7, 2018, enjoy hump day! And you can always go back to catch up.

I hope to hear your feedback! Use the Contact section or email me at: billmathiswriter@gmail.com.

Thank you!


October, 2018

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