Excerpt from my new novel–Revenge is Necessary 99:

Revenge is Necessary will publish December 6, 2020 and be available in paperback and as eBook on all major online outlets. You can pre-order signed copies directly through Bill Mathis for $18.00 shipped. Use PayPal: http://paypal.me/WilliamRMathis

Gayle pulled Emma away from the bed and hissed, “Stop it. Get hold of yourself. Good grief, this isn’t about you or us. It’s about Dad and the family.”

Mary glared at her father. “Dad, do you want us to hate you? Is that your game? You screwed up, lost your cool and instead of trying to make life better for yourself and your family, you want us to hate you. Why? What are you hiding? Do you think if you’re dead, we won’t find something out? Is that it?”

Before he could reply, Gayle said, “Girls, just sit here and be quiet. He obviously doesn’t want to communicate. We obviously love him and want to be with him. Let’s just sit awhile and not talk.” She turned her face toward him. “Dad, we’ll be here for a few more minutes. We’ll tell the other girls when they visit this afternoon to not say a word.”

The three sat down, Emma still crying.

He didn’t look at them. He felt so weak. He wanted to drift off, but knew he had more to do. Emma’s sniffling became louder. It bugged the hell out of him. Gayle and Mary now were trying to comfort her, whispering to her, patting her. Mary began sniffling, too, poking around for tissue.

Without opening his eyes, he growled, “Just leave now. Tell your sisters not to come today. You can all come when I’m worse, if that will make you feel better.” He watched over the top of his glasses as they gathered their coats and purses and left. Each with a look of shock. Did he feel bad for them? For his behavior? At this point, what difference did it make? Yes, he screwed up. He reacted rather than responding. He should have planned better, but he didn’t. He made a mistake, a rare one, and at seventy-four, he would die. He wasn’t afraid of death. There was no afterlife. Sometimes, he thought, our society puts too much emphasis on keeping old people alive. For what? A few months more of contact with family? Frequently for a family who didn’t have the time or resources to care for their aged relative when they most needed the help. No, he didn’t have any fear of dying. Nor did he feel guilt over some of his actions over the years. They were necessary.

He thought more about his life. Did he want to die so he could keep some of his life hidden? Could he have the amputation and return to a normal life? No, at this stage of the game, the family was going to find out anyway. The door to my secrets has been cracked open. The rest will spill out and my life can never be normal again. The best decision for me and the family is to die. However, look at all I accomplished. The family will better understand me when they read the story of my life.

I hope.

He twisted and tried to get comfortable.


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