Artist Statement

I started taking pictures in high school, for the year book and school paper, back in the dark ages, with black and white film I processed in the dark room. I dreamed of being a photo journalist for Life or Look Magazines. I went to college intending to get only an associates degree in Journalism and then hit the big time as a photo-journalist. Due to the Viet Nam War, I extended my stay and earned a second associates in Advertising and a Bachelors in Business Management. I  carried extra hours to finish in four years instead of five, then drew a high draft lottery number. By that time, I was burned out on journalism and college. I ended up directing YMCA camps, later a foster care agency, where I used my photography skills and writing abilities to produce brochures and publicity materials. Along the way I kept taking pictures for fun, usually nature, or patterns that intrigued me, and always people and scenery. I retired six years ago and began taking more pictures, then began writing. Right now, I focus primarily on writing about the imaginary people I meet in my head, however photography is never far away from my addled mind. I’ve added travel related pictures, but still find myself snapping nature, scenery, unusual views, types of storytelling shots with people, and whatever else floats through my aging brain cells! I no longer carry an expensive camera, many of these shots were taken with my iPhone. I enjoy constructive feedback—use the contact section. Enjoy!

Future brainstorms under construction….