Artist Statement

I started taking pictures in high school, for the year book and school paper, back in the dark ages, with black and white film I processed in the dark room. I dreamed of being a photo journalist for Life or Look Magazines. I went to college intending to get only an associates degree in Journalism and then hit the big time as a photo-journalist. Due to the Viet Nam War, I extended my stay and earned a second associates in Advertising and a Bachelors in Business Management. I  carried extra hours to finish in four years instead of five, then drew a high draft lottery number. By that time, I was burned out on journalism and college. I ended up directing YMCA camps, later a foster care agency, where I used my photography skills and writing abilities to produce brochures and publicity materials. Along the way I kept taking pictures for fun, usually nature, or patterns that intrigued me, and always people and scenery. I retired in 2013 and began taking more pictures, then began writing. I no longer carry an expensive camera, many of these shots were taken with my iPhone. I’ve also started collecting art  and have a rather eclectic array hanging on our walls. I enjoy constructive feedback—use the connect section. Enjoy!