Post 48: More Reviews of Face Your Fears!

This book is a heartfelt coming of age and coming out story of our times and so much more! Using alternating, first-person perspective narratives of its two gay male protagonists, the novel gives us an in-depth insight of the emotional turmoils of not only being a teenager but being a teenager and gay/gay and with a disability as well. The writer takes us on an emotional journey with intense highs and lows but the tone remains wonderfully restrained, allowing the readers to develop our own emotional responses. In addition to the nuanced character development of the main protagonists, there’s a great range of fully formed characters: family members, friends, and lovers, and through their interactions we get to examine their family and social dynamics. In the Author’s Note, the writer expresses his intent of presenting one of the main characters as having different needs and not special needs. I feel this intent was fully achieved, and I feel I got to know these families and the two main characters. I kind of wish they were my friends. 5 Star Amazon Review by Csilla

This is one of those books that I think all people should read to become more compassionate and open minded to all the “different” people you may encounter in your life. Bill Mathis does a wonderful job of telling you the story of some “different” people with a funny, thoughtful, lovely story of two boys who turn into men and their story and all those who impact it. This book is delightful and worth the read. Alyssa Norsby on Goodreads, 4 Stars!

A wonderful telling of two young men finding each other, falling in love, and building a future together. Rich in details, I gained a deeper appreciation of the challenges a person with severe disabilities faces. How do you become an independent person when you depend on others to assist you with your most basic needs? This is not the correct question. It is a question an able-bodied person can easily ask. A better question is how can Nate, a kid with CP growing into manhood, become the best that he can be. The author describes how this can be: by the love and support of family, whether biological or chosen, and community. This is a well written novel with wonderfully developed characters and a beautiful message. Tom Slater on Goodreads, 5 Stars!

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